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Excel Trading Models Design Process

How To Use Technical Analysis With Binary Options

Technical analysis is traditionally used to analyze and predict the price direction of stocks, commodities, forex pairs, indexes and other "underlying" assets.  But technical analysis can be combined with binary options to develop several unique trading strategies...

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1-Day vs. 2-Day Breakouts – Which is Better?

One of the big questions when developing a breakout trading system is "how do you define a 'breakout'?"  Defining a breakout usually comes down to four criteria: What is the look-back period? What high (or low) price do you use to define the breakout level? How far...

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Breakout or BLOWOUT?

When trading price breakouts, the second worst thing that can happen is getting caught in a bull or bear trap.  Instead of following through with the initial move, price quickly reverses and reenters the price range from which it just escaped.  If you're smart you...

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Is Your Market Breakout Friendly?

Breakout trading strategies are some of the best systems for generating significant capital gains.  However, breakout systems pose a particular challenge that can chew up your account equity quickly: Is this price move really a breakout? If you can't answer this...

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Anatomy of a Successful Trend Trade with Excel (Case Study)

A few years ago I made a $1,000 trade in Advance Emissions Solutions (a clean coal company NASDAQ: ADES) for around $5 per share. After two years and 3 long trades, ADES topped out at over $28 per share. The net profit on my long trades was over $16,000 on that...

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