FREE Excel Trading Model Guides and Components

Use these free trading model guides and components to accelerate your Excel model projects and improve your trading performance.


This FREE TRADING MODEL is pre-built in Excel so you can quickly get started generating profitable buy / sell signals. The model works on stocks, ETFs, forex and futures. Just import free price data and the model immediately generates trade signals and performance data.  Includes a how-to guide, trading rules and instructions on importing free price data from the Internet.  Learn more >


FREE Getting Started Guide – 10 Steps to Build a Profitable Trading System in Excel

This FREE Starter Guide explains the 10 steps you MUST do to design and build your own profitable trading system in Excel. This is an absolute MUST HAVE for the Excel model builder — without this information you could spend months or even years struggling to put the pieces together! Save yourself lots of money, time and headaches and start with this FREE GUIDE. Learn more >


5TI_1_200FREE 5 Technical Indicators in Excel

These five FREE technical indicators are perfect for building a trading model in Excel. They are pre-built Excel workbooks that save you a huge amount of time and guarantee 100% accurate calculations. You get ADX, DMI, Bollinger Bands, Stochastics and Moving Average indicators — TOTALLY FREE! Learn more >


FREE Yahoo Finance Stock Split AdjusterFREE Yahoo Finance Stock Split Adjuster in Excel

This FREE Stock Split Adjuster instantly calculates the correct Open-High-Low-Close prices for up to 10,000 rows of Yahoo Finance price data. Yahoo Finance prices are NOT SPLIT ADJUSTED! Don’t make the huge mistake of using non-split adjusted prices in your analyses or back tests — FIX THE PRICES INSTANTLY with this FREE split adjust calculator in Excel.Learn more >


FREE Spread Trading Contract Calculator in ExcelFREE Spread Trading Contract Calculator in Excel

This FREE Excel Spread Trading Contract Calculator instantly calculates the correct number of securities or contracts on each leg of your spread trade. 3 different Calculators are included along with a PDF User Guide. The Calculator works with Futures, Stocks, ETFs and Forex trading…and it’s FREE! Learn more >