Build Trading and Investing Models in Excel

Learn to design, code, construct and test Excel models that make money!

Excel Trading Models Design Process

Become An Idiot-Proof Trader: Excel Versus Trading Software

I get this question all the time. "I use Trading Software X and it has all the bells and whistles. Does your Excel software do what Software X does? I just want to make money." [signed, Trader Losing Money] You know my answer? "It's not the software." I've used the...

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Determining the “Trendiness” of a Market Using Excel

If you are a trend trader your best profits will come by trading markets and securities that have a tendency to move in strong price trends. A key goal then is determining the "expected trend strength" or "trendiness" of a security.  You must usually wait until  a...

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Trading the Trend for Big Profits With Excel

The foundation of a great trading system is the ability to identify and capture large price moves. A system that consistently generates large winning trades can easily offset smaller losing trades and produce significant profits.  This is the main feature of trend...

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Your First Trading Model in Excel

I get this question a lot:  "If you were going to design your first trading model in Excel, what system would you start with?" The answer has a lot to do with what you trade and what you consider "trading". Are you a stock trader or a foreign currency trader?  Do you...

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