There are 3 possible solutions:

1) Make sure you have closing prices for each fund filled in all the way down to row 576 in the backtesting model Calculations worksheet columns B thru K.

2) Check for any NULL, blanks, or zeros (0) in the price data. Scroll down through the price data in columns B thru K and if there are any weird data, blank cells or zeros, simply fill down the price from the next week above (the shortcut way), or research the fund closing prices on those dates and manually input them (the long way).

3) If you cleaned out the existing data points using Edit > Delete  you might have broken the indicator formulas. Check this by highlighting a few random formula cells to the right of column L in the Calculations sheet. If you see any #/REF! errors then this is what happened. In that case, simply restore the backtest model from the zip file (or wherever you backed it up), and start over again, using ONLY the Edit > Clear function to clean out the existing data points.