Here is the code that was highlighted in blue:
’open data .csv file and copy column B data to \Data/ sheet
Also, this phrase was highlighted in yellow:
Sub Load_Data( )
This problem is typically caused by a missing or mis-named .csv data file, ticker symbol, or data range. Here, the code is looking for a particular piece of data to import but it cannot find it because the names don’t match. If any components of the model are not complete, the code will not work properly. This is common during a model building project. The VBA code is not smart, so things like ALLCAPS and syntax must match between the code and file names, etc.

When a section of code is highlighted in the debugger window, it helps to move the cursor over different code elements in the area above the location of the highlighted code. Look for a variable name you set in the “Dim” statement, such as a range name, worksheet name, or file name. When the cursor hovers over a variable, the value it contains will appear. This gives you a clue about where to look for a missing name or mismatch.