DownloaderXL populates all of the tabs in the DATAv3.xlsm file except for the very first one, designated as AAPL. I cannot figure out why this is happening, especially when all of the other tabs are working fine.


Regarding the AAPL price data issue, make sure you add it to the DownloaderXL setup list at the top like shown below. If you set it up like this you should have no issue – AAPL should feed right into your AAPL data worksheet. In the DownloaderXL Preferences tab check Destination Sheet = Existing and Sheet Name Prefix = BLANK with Beginning of Data = A2.

If that doesn’t work, try adding another ticker symbol ahead of it — for example A for Agilent — and sort the list so it’s in the first position. ¬†Even if A does not populate, AAPL and subsequent ticker symbols should populate OK.

DownloaderXL Missing AAPL Price Data

DownloaderXL Missing AAPL Price Data