Complete Excel and VBA Course


The Complete Excel AND VBA Course was created by professional Excel developers and covers Excel Levels 1, 2 and 3, Excel VBA, Excel VBA Userforms and Excel Pivot Tables.  It includes 50 lessons with 25 Excel workbook examples.  Sold on MyCommerce.

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This Complete Excel and VBA Course was created by professional Excel developers with over 20 years experience. Each lesson is focused on real life solutions that Excel users can apply every day.  This comprehensive course is a must-have for developing and automating Excel!

This product is sold on our MyCommerce store.

What You Get

  • 50 lessons each 5-10 pages with 25 Excel workbook examples
  • Excel Levels 1, 2 and 3 covering Excel basics all the way to advanced formulas and VBA macros
  • Complete Excel VBA course covering everything from VBA fundamentals to coding to error handling
  • Excel VBA Userforms course
  • An online Excel Pivot Table tutorial

Details of Excel Levels 1, 2 and 3

  • Excel Fundamentals: Cut, Copy, Insert, Delete, Paste Special, Custom Formatting, Undo, Redo
  • Excel Formulas: Specific Worksheet Formulas, Data Formulas, Decision Making Formulas, Advanced Formulas
  • Useful Functions: Paste, Calc, Comments, Drawing toolbar, Edit, Replace, Delete, Clear, Printing, Data Sorting, Hiding, AutoFormats, Protection, Basic Charts, Basic Formatting, If Function
  • Data Validation, Names and External References
  • Advanced Filters and AutoFilters
  • Text Functions: Text To Columns, Importing Text Files
  • Charts
  • Pivot Tables 1, Pivot Tables 2, Pivot Tables 3
  • Excel VBA / Macros:  Macros 1, Macros 2
  • Excel Analysis: Scenarios, Goal Seek, Data Tables and Consolidation, Excel on the Web
  • Workbook Management: Excel Sheet Protection, Shared Workbooks, Track Changes, Merging Shared Workbooks, Custom Views, Report Manager, Hyperlinks, Outlining

Details of Excel VBA Course

  • Fundamentals of Excel VBA: Visual Basic Editor, Objects and Properties
  • Excel VBA Objects: Object Hierarchy, Application, Workbook, Worksheet, Range, CommandBars, Variables and Constants, Data types
  • Excel VBA Variables:  Variable Levels, Declaring Variables, Constants
  • Excel VBA Loops: Types of Loops, Loop Pitfalls
  • Excel VBA Decision Logic: If, And, Or, Select Case
  • Excel VBA Dates and Times
  • Excel VBA Workbook and Worksheet Events
  • VBA Debugging and Error Handling: Prevention, Good Habits, Runtime Errors
  • Using Excel Worksheet Functions in VBA
  • User Defined Functions, Good vs Bad, Arguments, Calculations
  • Excel VBA Controls: ActiveX, Control Toolbox, Control Properties, Control Parent

Details of Excel UserForms Course

  • Excel UserForms Introduction
  • Filling UserForm Controls: Entering Data into Controls,  Filling a ListBox or ComboBox, Creating Template Controls, Using the RefEdit Control, Finding the Active Control, Creating Controls at Runtime
  • Using Loops with Excel UserForms
  • Multi-Page Controls: Creating a wizard using the Multi-Page Control, Validating the User Inputs
  • Useful Methods and Functions
  • UserForm Validation: Control Events, Which Controls to use
  • Parsing UserForm Data:  Parsing Control Values back to a Spreadsheet, Parsing range values to the UserForm Controls
  • UserForm Options: Buttons, Checkboxes, Details, True / False